As we hover on the cusp of the Fug Madness — BRACKETS ARE ANNOUNCED TODAY! Get ready for shit to get real, as they say — it feels so very right to say goodbye to our reigning champion WHILE SHE IS DRESSED LIKE A BIRD. Bless you, Vanessa Hudgens. You were a wonderful Fug Madness champion, perhaps my favorite. I’ll never forget your lace pants, or the way you beat Lindsay Lohan by fewer than 1oo votes in a match-up that at one point was LITERALLY TIED and which had countless lead changes, requiring our brave and brilliant in-house editor to cut AN ENTIRELY NEW ONE FUGGING MOMENT MONTAGE at the 11th hour (both of which are linked to in the latter there). It was thrilling. Don’t EVER think your vote doesn’t count, Fug Nation, and join me as Vanessa starts her final lap as your champion.

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