Yesterday, we pitted Nudity Against Nudity, and Accessory Against Accessory to determine the two winners of Fug Madness 2014’s play-in games. You voted, and here are the results!

Defeating Pharrell’s hat to go up against Lady Gaga:

Which feels apt, as she herself is often costumed as an inanimate object.

And to fight to the pain against Kim Kardashian, in a battle that might also prove as epic as it is tacky:

Good for you, Lady Victoria Hervey. You banished the likes of Paris Hilton and Jaimie Alexander handily, and that’s no small feat. Fug Madness proper kicks off fresh and early tomorrow morning, so I hope your voting fingers are warmed up and your persuasive arguments ready to be unleashed, Fug Nation!

Need a primer on WTF is happening right now? Here’s our Fug Madness FAQ. Want your own printable bracket to play along? We’re here for you.