A note: The slideshow format worked well for the Kardashian play-in game, but because we can only technologically do one per post, it seemed like an overwhelming idea for the first two rounds. So we’re testing it out again now that we’re down to one game per bracket per day, to see if this makes it easier to judge someone’s fug arsenal. It also tends to expose imbalances, but don’t let a lesser library deter you; sometimes quality wins out over quantity (see: Juliette Lewis, most years, and Stella McCartney upsetting Boobs Legsly this year).



It feels right that these two should meet, somehow. Lady Gaga has an album called The Fame Monster; Lindsay may have let fame turn her INTO a monster. Both ladies carry a strain of innate fuggery that’s quite virulent, regardless of whether it’s being deployed for art or by accident. Sheer is sheer. Fug is fug. Let the games begin.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Lady Gaga (35%, 3,245 Votes)
  • Lindsay Lohan (65%, 6,042 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,262

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