Whoops. This is what I get for doing work at 1 a.m. — in my post this morning, I accidentally advanced Paz de la Huerta, when in fact she lost to Lady Gaga; and Jessica Simpson actually beat Katy Perry, not the other way around. So, in the Bjork bracket, it’s Lady Gaga who’ll compete in the Elite Eight tomorrow, and J Simp will find herself in Madonna. I would post a corrected filled-in bracket, but apparently at 1 a.m. I ALSO didn’t save a working copy of that, and… sigh.

So, please mentally — or physically, if you printed it — make the swap: Paz is out (can I be frank? I am thrilled — I was totally out of things to say about her) and Gaga is in, Simpson prevails and Perry can cry into her piles of money. Onward!