Have you ever seen that tremendous infomercial for Dump Cakes? It’s the one where the elderly lady takes four ingredients — including the piece de resistance, a can of Sprite — and chucks them all into a pan, without mixing, and then bakes and pronounces it a magical dessert (for a health-conscious option, she suggests DIET Sprite).

To me, this is the Dump Cakes of jumpsuits, like Prabal just threw the fabric together, declined to mix, and hoped it’d bake up a treat. I can’t decide if he overcooked or undercooked it, but the point is, I am NOT asking him for this recipe.

(I got the actual Dump Cakes cookbook for Christmas, as a joke, and let me tell you: LIES. Ninety-five percent of the recipes do involve measuring and mixing, which is the antithesis of everything for which that wonderfully bad infomercial stands. I OBJECT, DUMP CAKES. I WILL FIGHT YOUR WEB OF DECEIT.)

[Photo: Getty]