This photo of the Olsens at Kanye’s show inspires several thoughts.

1) That girl in the back SO leaned out from behind them so that she could get into this photo.

2) This is more Olsen Flesh than I think we’ve seen in about a decade — seriously, we are seeing TEN OLSEN TOES right now, plus a lot of thigh. Kanye must have a magic layer-removing effect on women.

3) The Olsens need some VO-5 treatments. And do you think their hair is really that similar, or did they spend hours trying to make it look identically disheveled?

4) The Olsens make it really easy to go as them for Halloween. In fact, MK almost looks like Some Girl Who Wants People To Mistake Her For An Olsen.

5) That girl probably just tweeted, “Who are those two tiny blond homeless socialites? … OH.”

6) That is an awkward place for MK to be clutching a purse whose side is so… demi-vaginal.

7) Man, why am I sort of bummed that Demi Moore and The Kutch are allegedly getting divorced?

8 ) Two and a Half Men is really terrible.

9) 2 Broke Girls is also not really very good.

10) I didn’t like Num3ers, either. Do I just hate shows with numbers in them? Am I an anti-numeral-ite?

Yep. Lots of thoughts.