Oh man, Mia Wasikoska:

She’s an excellent actress, and I love that she doesn’t look like every Tan, Extension-ed, Bandaged-Dressed starlet in town. That being said, there is a ton of acreage between Tarty Starlet (Tarlet?) and BLAND BLAH BLAH BLAND from the neck up and Holiday Wine Bag from the neck down, and I just want to KIDNAP HER and do something about it. She is talented; she is lovely; SHE CAN LOOK BETTER than she usually does. Will no one give her highlights? In this whole wide world full of agents and managers and editors and stylists and hair and makeup experts, has no one told her that she need not be mousy? And could also wear things that fit, you know, if she wants to? YOU COULD EVEN GO BACK TO THIS HAIR, GIRL. SERIOUSLY. IT’S BETTER. Just…be more fabulous, is all I ask. JUST BE MORE FABULOUS.