ROONEY: I can’t look.

CATE: Why, pet?

ROONEY: Look, I don’t know whether people voted that outfit Fug or Fab yet, but I just feel like maybe I didn’t think this through.

CATE: What, dear? Your outfit?

ROONEY: Everything. The outfit. How the outfit would look standing next to you. The fact that our skin looks the same age even though you’re 16 years older than I am, and I didn’t even think to bring a notebook to write down how the hell you DO THAT.

CATE: Sunscreen. And also I marinate in awesome sauce every night for an hour while I read scripts.

ROONEY: You do?

CATE: No. I’m kidding. I marinate in it all the time. It’s called my DNA. Or maybe it’s four bottles of really good wine. I’ll never tell.

ROONEY: I should have worn a real skirt.

CATE: It’s good advice. But listen, I have a checkered history, Roo. I have worn all kinds of things that might not be real skirts. I’m still not sure I didn’t accidentally wear someone’s granny’s afghan. The key is to act like it’s a real skirt, and like you don’t give a toss if it’s not, because whatever is going on inside your head is more interesting than what’s happening on your body and people should FEEL that.

ROONEY: You make it sound so easy.

CATE: It comes with age and wisdom. And also probably the sauce. Or the wine.

ROONEY: Maybe I’ll try the wine first and see.

CATE: Yes. Baby steps. Get sauced however you can.

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