Remember when Kat DeLuna was a thing?  I don’t really, either — although I bet J Lo does, considering that DeLuna accused her of plagiarizing “On the Floor”…in a statement she released saying she had no problem with it. (Personally, I feel like saying, “HEY! I want everyone to know I have no problem with this thing that no one else ever noticed” is saying, “hey, notice this!”) And who COULDN’T notice THIS?

It’s apt that she used to be a Cheetah Girl, given that she looks as if she were attacked by one.*

*Turns out she wasn’t. I wrote this even having literally just read her Wikipedia page. When I read your Wikipedia page that doesn’t say you were a Cheetah Girl and then I decide you were a Cheetah Girl, that might be even worse than actually BEING a Cheetah Girl. Discuss.

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