It was interesting to see ERW here in Mildred Pierce, because she was wearing only what makeup was appropriate for the time period, and not twenty-five pounds of slap. She doesn’t NEED all of this, and it was nice to be reminded of that, and then also depressing because SHE obviously didn’t take home that lesson.

Ancient Egypt is a really interesting time period, it’s true, but the way its pharaohs used Kohl pencil is REALLY low on the reasons why. Also, she’s kind of morphed from looking like a Dita Von Teese clone to looking a little like Katy Perry to me. I don’t know. Maybe her makeup fumes have turned me insane. Let’s take a look at the whole outfit, though:




I actually think this is pretty cute on her — it’s got that ever-popular retro feel, and it fits… I almost wish Kate Winslet had worn it, actually, and not just because her Breastplate of Doom horrified us all. The one thing I might’ve changed s making it floor-length instead of having the hem hit her on the top of the foot; otherwise, it looks like you’re peeking under the bottom of a changing-room door. But for the most part I’m going to give her a passing grade.

Maybe not with this one, though:



MUCH better makeup, and I don’t mind the idea, but why does it feel like she stole the blouse out of a mildewing closet aboard the Jolly Roger?