Are you ready to win some books with the power of your awesomeness? I thought so.

THE SITUATION:  Courtney Love, leaving the Groucho Club in London.

THE TASK:  Given the Avian theme of her outfit, let us imagine that, in her wanderings, Courtney Love has discovered a new species of bird. NAME THAT BIRD.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday.

THE PRIZE: Yay! This week, we have five (5!) copies of Abby McDonald’s The Popularity Rules, freshly published here in the US. What’s it about? Terribly glad you asked: “Kat Elliot is no social butterfly: She’s spent her life rebelling against phony schmoozing – and it’s led her nowhere. Just as she’s ready to give up her dreams and admit defeat, in steps Lauren Anderville. One-time allies against their school bullies, Lauren and Kat had been inseparable. Then one year later Lauren returned from summer camp blonde, bubbly and suddenly popular, and Kat was left to face the world alone. Lauren finally wants to make amends by teaching Kat the secret to her success: The Popularity Rules. A decades-old rulebook, its secrets transformed Lauren that fateful summer. Tempted by Lauren’s promises of glitzy parties and the job she’s always dreamed of, Kat reluctantly submits to a total makeover – only to find that life with the in-crowd might have something going for it after all. But while Lauren has sacrificed everything to get ahead, is Kat really ready to accept that popularity is the only prize that counts?” We smell shenanigans. And hey, everyone loves a makeover.