Did you guys watch Work of Art last season? I really enjoyed it — I don’t know anything about the art world, and while I could figure out what to design if I were on Project Runway, or what I could cook if I were on Top Chef (not at the level of any of those contestants, by any means, just  in a totally theoretical sense), I would be completely and utterly flummoxed weekly if I were on this show, which makes it all the more fascinating to me. Plus, I think the judges are really smart (one of them, Jerry Saltz, actually recaps the show for NY Mag, and his pieces are full of inside dish and he pulls no punches in them — they’re really good and funny). So I’m glad it’s back. I’m also glad it’s back because this show’s Heidi Klum, China Chow, wears some MAJOR OUTFITS.  Let’s look at this week’s!

I actually think this is probably beautiful, except for the part that it’s got a silk albatross artfully slung around her neck and something about it is affecting her posture.

I think the dress she wore at panel was more effective:

Okay, maybe not here. It looks a little lumpy here — a little paper-mache-y – but in general, I think its bulkiness is sort of thematically arty and pleasantly funky, like a good cheese. See?

I just want to go up to it and feel it — are the spherical, multi-colored parts pleated? Too bad I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to touch the art.

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