This photo elicits a lot of questions.

Like, why is Bonnie Wright’s skirt wearing a curtain? Or, are those shorts? Is the curtain supposed to confuse us into silence? How is Bonnie so cute, yet her on-screen alter-ego Ginny Weasley had all the personality of a paper-flavored sandwich? Why was Jamie Campbell Bower’s casting so ballyhooed when he was only in either of the last two HP movies for a total of five shaky seconds? Are his pants too short? Why is he hunching like he’s passing under a low-hanging lamp? Is he wearing shoulder pads? Why don’t I own a bitchin’ leather jacket? And most gravely of all, why is his face the same color as her hair? Is this the thing where engaged couples allegedly start to resemble each other? Because I don’t think he’d look all that great in a groin curtain and red suede maneaters, but I guess if this keeps going in that direction then we will all find out together.

[Photo: WENN]