In fairness, soccer — football — has been back in Germany for a few weeks now (and I think never stopped in Belarus and Nicaragua?). But I know more about the Premier League and how much England’s heart beats for it, so when it resumed play yesterday after a months-long stoppage, it hit me harder. I thought you might enjoy seeing what those gams look like, and most importantly, that the players wore “Black Lives Matter” on the back of their jerseys in lieu of their names. They’ll keep doing that through the first 12 games, I believe. Italy’s Serie A is next up on June 20, with various contact sports in the U.S. eyeballing July returns. I don’t know if any of this is a great idea, or if it will work — especially here, where the numbers are appalling even as many people are deciding Covid is so three months ago — but it’s worth a look, anyway. Those empty stands! It’s like watching a scrimmage from practice. Also, please note that even in cases where I am writing a ridiculous caption, I’m not coming from a place of mocking them for taking cleaning precautions. CLEAN IT ALL, I say.

[Photos: Shutterstock]