Before we do anything, can you please help me figure out who Armie Hammer reminds me of with his buzz cut? It’s not Chris Hemsworth, but it IS a famous handsome man and my brain cannot seem to land on it. Is it Brad Pitt? Is it Brad Pitt if he got morphed with Jake Gyllenhaal? Figure this out for me, please.

As far as Felicity goes, one of the major glossy magazines posted this on Instagram with the caption, “Now THIS is a look!” which is one of those sentences that SEEMS complimentary until you think about it and then you realize that there is a lot of plausible deniability in that statement. It is a look.  I see you, Unnamed Magazine Social Media Person Who Had To Work Sunday Night. You didn’t love this, but you weren’t allowed to say it, and also there was no other content last night so you had to do what you had to do! I see you and I salute you. As for me…I don’t hate it? My true first instinct when I saw that it is Dior was to think, “well, that could have been worse.” Which is one of the reasons it’s probably for the best that no one has me in charge of their brand social media right now.

[ Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock]