The marriage of that headline and this photo are perfect. ALL HAIL indeed! She looks so glam and powerful here; I want an entire series of novels about the woman in this photo.

And it is not a novel, but the profile is a pleasure to read. Blige talks at length about her own self-image, fashion, hair, and the way it all has changed and evolved throughout her life, and what those signifiers have meant to her; it’s very well-worth your click-through. (Also: Several of the interior shots credit Mary J.’s “own jewelry.” There is NOTHING I love more in a glossy magazine profile than a lady wearing her own jewels! They’re, as you would imagine, fantastic.)

Finally, while I understand why they didn’t use this interior shot for the cover — we want to see her eyes! — I also think it would have made a great one:


Who doesn’t want to know more about this woman?

[PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Adrienne Raquel; STYLED BY: Jason Rembert; INTERVIEWED BY: Nerisha Penrose]