The last time we saw Fan Bingbing, she was wearing a suit and a beret with a mysterious blue thing coming out of the sleeve. Many of you with better imaginations than mine guessed that it was an elaborate scrunchie, and BINGO, you were all correct and if I could mail you prizes I would. Here the scrunchie lives again on her right arm, though this time, it’s in full view, and adorning an outfit that is best described as cockamamie. I would not have pegged her as being quite so Forever 21 Attempts Harajuku. It LOOKS like a sweatshirt with a dress over it. Or is the dress actually some kind of tulle bustier and some skirts? And does the sweatshirt have a matching long skirt as well, or is it one LONG sweatshirt dress? Or is it SHORTS? And there seem to be tights, and boots… or, OR, there’s even the possibility, however slim, that the dress is STITCHED to the sweatshirt. SO MUCH OR. This dares to ask, “What is the worst Valentine you’ve ever received?” and might even be her answer.

[Photo: Getty]