The Informative Caption said Fan Bingbing was at an airport here, and I’m fascinated by this. She appears to be carrying some notelets in the shape of a cartoon pig, and I like imagining that she spent her entire time on the plane idly listening to Cats on the entertainment system while writing thank-you notes to children who are her fans. The outfit doesn’t really gel for me, although air travel gets an exemption for a lot of things, and those pants — while a bit long — look VERY comfortable and breathable, and the blazer might not make sense color-wise with them but at least it’ll keep her warm. The weirdest part for ME is the cuff:

Fan Bingbing Sightings In Shanghai

At first I thought she had a scarf tied to her purse, but these two photos really make it clear that it’s pouring out of her sleeve. But it’s NOT pouring out of her OTHER sleeve, so… did that arm go rogue? I can’t see much other than a tee under her blazer; is the scarf tied around her wrist? thank you, Fan Bingbing, for being a woman of mystery today.

[Photos: Getty]