As soon as I saw Yumiko Cheng in these bright red floaties, it called to mind Lady Gaga’s Alaia outfit from the 2015 Oscars, and so we might as well have a gander at them side-by-side.

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I’m sure in 2015, we made a joke about how only Lady Gaga could turn toilet-cleaning armor into a fashion moment. And now in 2020, it’s basically a form of Covid armor. I think the red against the white worked really well back then, especially because her head-styling was so restrained. I still wonder whether the top of the dress could have stood to lose the upper-arm flaps, or whether it’s good that they echo the gloves. Yumiko’s outfit MIGHT be a very very very wide-legged jumpsuit? Or is her bat signal of a belt merely clutching a spare pair of trousers to her chest? It’s a lot to digest even before the gloves — but don’t sleep on them, because they are fanny packs for elbows:

2020 Elle Style Awards In Chengdu

I spy a zipper. It’s a Le Glovesac. Which is either GENIUS or extremely heavy, or both, which means I suppose that even a red-carpet gala can overlap with Arm Day.

For once, then, Lady Gaga is not the most avant-garde deployment of any of this. Which do you think is the better one?

The more effective one us:

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