Many of you have heard me complain about this via social media, but I may as well repeat myself here: If the plot of Easy A is (as the preview makes it seem) that a totally overlooked social outsider lies about losing her virginity and suddenly becomes Somebody, is it really very smart to cast Emma Stone? Because the thing is, Emma Stone is gorgeous. Severely pretty. Ergo, it’s a tough sell that Emma Stone, looking like Emma Stone, would have made it through high school with people treating her like a freak who is radioactive — kind of like how She’s All That made Rachael Leigh Cook an outcast by, gasp, making her wear glasses. She’s just too pretty. People would’ve been all up in her grill, and if she ignored them, they’d have done whatever the high-school equivalent is of dipping her braids in the inkwell. The previews seem to gloss over this issue, in favor of making me look at Amanda Bynes’ tan, and yet the buzz I’ve heard has been positive. So we’ll see, Easy A. WE’LL SEE.

While we wait, let’s see this:

While it is undoubtedly lively and sparkly, I think I saw this mosaic on the bottom of a swimming pool in Cabo, right around the time I dropped my margarita glass at the swim-up bar. But maybe, lo these many years hence, that’s just the tequila talking.
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