It  seemed like a wee retrospective was in order, after Cate swanned out at Cannes in: a retread from the Golden Globes, a BUNCH of other black stuff of varying degrees of ornateness, and then some robustly colorful gowns that included one I ALMOST went to try on at Harrods for the experience. (But then I decided that was a lot of trouble, and potential fingerprints and “You break it you buy it” threats, just for one Instagram photo.) Let’s relive it all and, as ever, put the ol’ Carte Blanchett under our microscopes. Jessica and I had JUST decided it’d be fun to organize it by color, when I went in there and looked at the chronology and decided it might make more sense to just tell the story the way she and her stylist did: in order.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock, WENN,]