I don’t have a credit on this dress yet, but suffice to say, I saw approximately one kajillion versions of it when we were in the UK just now for the royal wedding — the weather was OUTSTANDING, and I think everyone zinged into her closet over the weekend to pull out a dress. (As, in fact, did I: I got this from J.Crew when I fell off my No Shopping diet and it was a very worthy cheat. A faux wrap dress is so much easier for me to deal with than an actual wrap dress when it comes to clomping around town, and this one was super cute and easy.) This version is obviously pretty casual — she looks like she just rolled up to this after strolling around the Farmer’s Market — but, god, sometimes it’s a relief to be reminded you can just throw on a dress and leave.

[Photo: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com]