Okay! So despite the fact that I did not know anything about this Bond movie until this Bond 25 event, I’m excited: Noted talented director Cary Fukunaga is helming it, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge — creator of Killing Eve, among many other things — is one of the credited writers on the script. PLUS Ralph Fiennes is back as M, AND apparently Rami Malek is cast as the villain, which I think is brilliant. I am kind of agnostic on Malek, though I know people love his work, but I feel like he might be DELICIOUS as a villain. Plus Jeffrey Wright is in it (if not HERE), AND Lashana Lynch AND Billy Magnussen. AND, of course, the perfect and glorious Naomie Harris, who is both great as Moneypenny and will hopefully eventually get more to do, and who also always looks FANTASTIC at the premieres. So what I’m saying is that (a) this movie I didn’t realize was happening other than in the most vague sense that there is ALWAYS another Bond movie eventually seems promising and (b) even if it’s wretched, everyone who shows up to promote it will look great OR interesting, OR both.

Like, say, here. (Click the pic if you want to see it bigger.) We’ve got Lea Seydoux in an interestingly violent belt; Cary Fukunaga looking handsome; Ana de Armas (who is playing an “unspecified role” but surely Bond will find her alluring; look at that face!) who is GORGEOUS and her dress is MAYBE a little adjacent but she’s making it work; Daniel Craig who looks very well styled and slouchy; Naomie who looks fab in that color; and Lashana, who is maybe a bit match-y in the blue but who has the world’s most symmetrical face so she basically always looks good. Just let the attractive people wash over you!

[Photo: Dave Allocca/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock]