I think Tina Fey might owe everyone an apology for the fact that I can’t see a telethon for anything without thinking of the time on 30 Rock that Jack decided to save money by pre-recording them. “That thing that happened! It was so sad. We can’t believe it got so bad, when the stuff we know occurred. Help the people! That the thing that happened… happened to.”  That is not to take away from the masses of money that this thing raised for a very good cause! (Forty-four million dollars, apparently.) It is just the way my brain is wired. I wish they’d dragged out Jenna Maroney for this particular event. Can’t we all use a laugh right now?

I am not really a telethon watcher, so I did not watch this one (also, I was not at home), so please tell me if I missed anything exciting. From the pics…this event was very charming.  On Pod Save America the other week, Tommy Vietor noted that Americans are GREAT at heroics in a crisis, while occasionally whiffing the challenge of Good Behavior To Others On An Everyday Basis, and I tend to agree with that. Having said that, being good at pitching in during a crisis ain’t nothing, and a LOT of celebs pitched in last night, to charming effect. There is something that is weirdly delightful about super famous celebrities looking concerned while talking on a landline.

[Photos: Getty]