When I saw the pics of Carey at TIFF, I said to Jess, “Wait, didn’t she… isn’t she pregnant again?” So I Googled it, and there were a TON of stories dated roughly¬†ten minutes prior to my search, all of which said, “Carey Mulligan Welcomes Second Baby With Marcus Mumford,” as if she had calmly reached up and lifted it out right before getting out of her limo in Toronto.

The last time anyone saw her was in June, looking rather¬†pregnant. My best guess is that every single reporter on the red carpet had the EXACT same reaction I did, and texted their editors, “SHIT, Carey Mulligan had her baby and no one knew,” and so someone back at the office tossed together a story to cover their gossip asses. Very amusing chain of events, to me, and through it all here is Carey looked delightful and dimpled and as charming as can be, as if she didn’t just pull off a great secret. It just goes to show that if you want to disappear, you absolutely can.

[Photo: WENN]

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