Honestly, this is probably a test, right? Every so often, she and Law Roach and whoever else is on Team Zendaya probably sit around and start laughing about what weird things she might be able to elevate. And someone yanked this off the rack and was like, “HOLY SHIT it’s from a ballet about scrunchies during a really depressed economic time when everyone wore sad colors,” and Zendaya was like, “Cool, cool, topknot that and throw in some Loubs and Elle will clickbait the hell out of it.” And then Celine Dion — who was patched in via Skype but everyone forgot for a second — will shriek, “And the DEER is staring with HEARTBREAK at you FROM THE GRAVE,” and no one knows if she’s sad or not, even when she bangs her chest and starts clapping and humming, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” because really you could take that either way. But one thing is clear: It’s time to get felt-freaky, and so she does, and it’s bonkers but they think it’s funny, and besides the Internet won’t remember in the morning.

[Photo: Getty]