Emily just signed up to be the face of The Kooples, a company I completely forget is an actual real attempt at something, and not just an animated show on PBS Kids about some otters who think they’re people. I am still not ENTIRELY convinced it isn’t an elaborate, multi-store front for a forest cult in which people weave their own beds from hemlock, given that this looks like Frederick’s of Hollywood paired with a vintage skirt and a belt her mom had during her brief fling with line dancing in the ’90s. But the fake bangs and slathered-on makeup are just as distracting, honestly. If you want someone to be the face of your fashion line/future Zach Galifianakis-Jake Gyllenhaal-Kate McKinnon-Kevin Hart-Beau Bridges comedy about a family that hasn’t met another human being in 25 years, shouldn’t it… look like her actual recognizable face?

[Photo: Backgrid]