I really hope Maura Tierney’s new show this fall is good, because she’s tremendous, and the circumstances of her leaving Parenthood were so terrible. However, if we’ve learned anything from the case of Edie Falco, it’s that you can pull through cancer and be every bit as fierce and fiercely awesome as you were before, if not more. I think Maura is well on her way:

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
On TV, this looked dark orange (although here it seems to match the red carpet), and I love that choice. She pulls it off beautifully, and it stood out because everybody else wore navy this year. At first I was worried it looked like a Palm Beach matriarch’s drawing room drapery, but the more she moved, the more it sold me, and now I want to invite her over for college football and a long gossip session about whether Goran Visnjic is as hot in real life as he was on ER. The Tier would tell me. And she’d let me call her that. And then we’d call Paul McCrane and be all, “Seriously, they crushed you with the helicopter that sliced off your arm?” And then the Tierleader and I would sing the Fame theme at him and LAUGH and then he’d consider taking out a restraining order, but we wouldn’t take it personally, because me and the Tier Hunter? We’re not uptight like that. So, I’ll see you Saturday, Tierdrop! Wear navy and gold.