This is a little precious for me.

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
There’s something pretty about it, and her makeup and hair (and face) are gorgeous with it. But for some reason, I look at the gown, and I think of Amy March from Little Women: sort of spoiled and bratty and in need of a surprise chewing gum accident with one of her ringlets. Then again, I love Little Women, and — spoiler — Amy scoops up Laurie, which is smart, because Jo absolutely should’ve tapped that when she had the chance, despite the fact that he is a dude who goes by the name Laurie. That kind of thing you can forget (with the help of some pet names) if he is smart and cute enough — and we all know he is, because they cast Christian Bale to play him years ago and the movies would not lie to us.