Tina Fey used to wear a lot of black: black satin, black strapless, black long and black knee-length, black one-shoulder, blackity black black blackblack. Then she departed at the Globes this year and things went haywire with the maligned Zac Posen (which added white to the mix), or the blue stripe, and the jumpsuit, my God, the JUMPSUIT. She totally Lemoned that one. Anyway, we started to think maybe the days of all black all the time were actually halcyon times to be remembered in rosy colored soft-focus while we sip glasses of pink lemonade and dangle our feet off the pier.
But aha, this, I like.
62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
I mean, it’s a little nutty. All those shapes remind me of hieroglyphs. But instead of being ancient carvings by an Egyptian soothsayer warning us that a bespectacled comedic genius would sear our retinas with a jumpsuit that has built-in Depends, these appear to suggest that Foxy Lady With Sass And Great Makeup Will Do Funny Things Tonight In Gown That Flaunts Her Usually Hidden Curves — And Also, We Will See Almost More Of Betty White Than of Jimmy Fallon, Even Though He’s Hosting. Hey, look, that soothsayer had a lot of visions to get across. No wonder she needed a train. Thank God the ramblings of a dead man look good on her.