Every year, I wish someone would just go for it and show up at one of these post-awards show parties in formal pajamas. Formal pajamas are also a thing now! You can buy them! For lots of money, so you wouldn’t even have to roll up in Old Navy flannels! You could burst in wearing $700 silk jammojams with feather trim! It would be fun! That did not happen last night. But we did get the usual swaps into trousers, the move to the shorter party dress, the classic Here’s The Other Gown I Was Considering For The Ceremony move, and at least one FULL CAFTAN. Respect.

[Photos: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock, PictureGroup for The Walt Disney Company/Shutterstock, CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock,  AFF-USA/Shutterstock, CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock]