So, this was the scene on more than one occasion when Ryan Seacrest got the Charlie’s Angels cast up there with him:

RYAN: [Insert benign question here]

RACHAEL TAYLOR: [Insert gregarious answer here in which she attempts to banter a little and appears animated]

MINKA KELLY: What she said.

ANNIE ILONZEH: Also what she said.

RYAN: [Insert another benign question here]

RACHAEL TAYLOR: [Insert another gregarious answer here in which she attempts to banter a little and appears animated]




Now, look. I also find it irritating when everyone zeroes in on a mostly female set and tries to sniff out catfights and scandals. Nobody does that on dude-centric sets. But half the time, this happens because those women are instructed (I assume) to tell everyone from the get-go that they love each other, and they’re like family, and they’re besties. When half the time, that’s not true — I mean, there is nothing in the contract that says you have to like all your coworkers and want to go full Friends with them. It’s fine. Who cares? But because the bar has been set BY THE SHOW at “We love each other forever and I will take a bullet for these women,” it makes us interested to find out whether that’s all an act. And in this case, the girls had JUST been giving the lovey-dovey spiel not long before the Emmys, and then they showed up on-camera for E and the best job they could do in promoting their new show, and their alleged camaraderie, was for one of them to do all the talking and the other two to stand there looking like Rachael Taylor had made them eat lark’s vomit. Aren’t you actors? Can’t you, I don’t know, act like you’re happy to be there? Is your show that bad? Wait, don’t answer that, I think I know. Also, I apologize to the ladies, because if there ARE issues on that set, and any of them read this, then this won’t help. But I assume they’re way too busy running away from explosions to read this. And rightly.

All of which has nothing to do with what they wore, though, so let’s get to that issue immediately. Also, for those of you who need it, there is bonus Coach Taylor in here. Because I love you.