So, this is the dude who plays the Put Upon Boyfriend in Whitney, a show I suspect could potentially be cancelled in the middle of the pilot episode, although, in all fairness, I hear he is the best thing about it. At least Whitney Cummings has 2 Broke Girls to keep her warm; I can’t imagine that she herself is all that jazzed in starring in a show that appears to be a retro screed about how women are so loud and annoying with all their TALKING TALKING TALKING — at least according to the ads, which are terrible/hilarious, the latter mostly because This Dude is making this EXACT FACE in all of them:

Seriously. Once you realize that he’s making this exact face in every ad, you will laugh every time you see them. There is something about that which is hilarious. Also hilarious: one of the giant Whitney ads on Highland Blvd, on the way up to the Hollywood Bowl, has the best graffiti ever. Next to Whitney’s face, someone has carefully lettered the words: DRACULA BITCH. Which might be my favorite insult ever. I don’t exactly know what it means, but it sure is rude.

What was I even talking about? Oh, right: this was at an Emmy’s party. Do we think it counts as a cry for help?