These two make me happy:

They also always look legitimately pleased to be in the other person’s company, which is always a plus. I was thinking about that when I was writing about the Dude on Whitney earlier today — why do so many, many, many sitcoms automatically default to showing serious relationships where The Dude can clearly barely listen to The Girl’s voice anymore (but still apparently wants to be in a relationship with her), and this is supposed to be HILARIOUS and OH SO TRUE? I know this is apparently not the case in many sitcom writer’s rooms, but a lot of people enjoying the company of the person they married. I KNOW, IT’S CRAZY.  Also: they are both so cute. Also: I love her dress. Also: I just watched Something Borrowed on the plane and he is the ONLY BEARABLE PERSON IN IT. Everyone else, I wanted to smack. Okay: The Jason Lewis lookalike in it was funny, too. But…yes. A whole lot of yes to all of what’s happening here.

I ALSO say yes to this, which Emily wore last week at TIFF.  It’s quirky, but very cute — just like her, in fact. GOLD STARS FOR THE KRASINSKI/BLUNTS!