Way to go, Wiig.

I was a little concerned she might win on the strength of people’s fondness for Bridesmaids, but fortunately, she didn’t — not because I begrudge Kristen Wiig an Emmy, but  because I begrudge Gilly, Target Lady, Aunt Judy, and a few others. Mostly Gilly. I can’t have that toothy miscreant getting rewarded for being so damn repetitive, and especially not that my beloved Will Forte is no longer there to scold her.

Anyway: Brown is an often overlooked color on the red carpet, and this mix of chocolate and caramel/bronze hues is really effective on her. I kind of wish Kate Winslet had worn THIS, too. Right? Anyway, I feel like Kristen didn’t get credit during either the pre-show or actual show telecasts, which is a shame because she looked great. So, here is your credit, Kristen. Not that you need it from us, or really from anyone, since I’m sure you are about to get paid bigtime to do Bridesmaids 3D or something. Just please make sure your next at-bat is not a Gilly movie. You already did MacGruber. No more dues to pay.