It cracks me up that somebody scared poor little Sarah Hyland into apologizing for something totally innocent. The backstory: She apparently went on some show — I think E’s Fashion Police? — and made cheerful, imitative fun of the way Lea Michele mugs for the camera on the red carpet. And then on the Emmy show, she basically had to lament to the world her blackened, crusted soul for doing something so cruel to one so innocent, as if an army of Gleeks had kidnapped her mother with only this as its ransom demand. Which would be fine if Hyland had said, “Lea Michele makes beer out of kittens,” but she doesn’t. She just riffed on something Lea does anyway, and at this point, which Lea herself probably parodies to some degree (or so I would hope). The moral of this story is that I feel bad for Sarah Hyland, I still find Lea Michele hilarious, and I’m probably going to get a box of severed typing fingers in the mail in a few days.

So let’s talk about Lea’s dress instead. I have thoughts. They are not all positive. Dive in with me to this pool of sin.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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