Listen: we love the Marg. Sincerely. She is gorgeous, she’s great on The Good Wife, she’s friends with Clooney, she has a dreamy husband (who is younger than she is), she seems like a smart, fun lady. We want the best for her.  We got this:

I just can’t. I love you, Julianna, and I think you’re beautiful, and I just can’t. At some angles, this bodice looked like it was pocked with holes — as though it were made out of Swiss cheese, or constructed from the surface of the moon. At others, it looked like she’d been caught in a hailstorm. Someone on Twitter told us that she owned a shower curtain that looked just like it.  And while I like cheese — oh so much — I don’t particularly want to wear it, especially to a night where I might get to hug Kyle Chandler. Will no one think of these things?