My Internetting skills failed me — I Googled who “actress Bonnie Bentley” is and all it turned up is that she was a masked sorority sister on Heroes (man, am I glad I quit that show in season two) and that she has done stunt work. Or is maybe a makeup artist. So I may not know WHY she was at the Emmys, but I’m glad she did go, because it gave us this:

I think… I really like this. Way to go, Pretty Lady The Internet Forgot. The color stripes work without looking chunky or clunky, and it’s unexpected, and the belt ties it together without being overly matchy… I can’t tell if it’s quite right for the Emmys, but then again, why NOT? WHY NOT INDEED. If Mila Kunis had worn it we might be all, “MILA HAS DONE IT AGAIN.” And just because it doesn’t have a ruffle on it doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome. Right?


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