Well, look — Michelle Forbes had one of the glummest parts on TV last year, that of Rosie Larsen’s mother on The Killing, who had to grieve all the time and then live with the painful secret that the show was going to implode and suck the life out of viewers.

So I was glad to see her looking so gorgeous. Is the dress tremendously imaginative? No. I  know, I know, we’re boring. But in photos and in person Michelle looked radiant (the hair looked more styled and less scraggly on TV), which was cheerful for me, because she spent three months on my TV set frowning and crying and yelling at people and then sniffling a lot — mostly in dimly lit sets that were dark as her pain, obviously, because on TV nobody grieves with lightbulbs. Maybe that’s why she needed a black dress. One step at a time, you know.