When we saw Kerry Washington at Fashion Week, I turned to Heather and said, “I think she’s pregnant.” She was wearing a very bump-friendly frock, and nothing she’s worn since has done anything to change my mind, including this number.  This is nothing if not forgiving, and — not to get graphic — her cleavage is resplendent. I know I’m such a rumor-monger lately, between this and Drew Barrymore, but y’all know I have to get my theories out there!

This is Marchesa and as with many things Marchesa, it looks like a formal fishing net someone attacked in their craft room. She’s kinda pulling the color off, but I am resolute in believing that this could have been more successful if it didn’t look like something floating around in the back of Ariel’s Hoarders Grotto in Little Mermaid.

Kerry also attended this weekend’s BAFTA tea, in something terrifically tea-party-friendly:

I’m confused by the shoes — are they gold, and not brown? Maybe it’s the black belt that’s actually my Object of Perplexion, given that the way it works with the step-and-repeat almost makes her looks like her torso and head are floating independently of her body. Now that I’ve noticed that, I can’t stop looking at it. Kerry Washington: Master Illusionist. I can believe it.

[Photo: Getty]