I don’t feel like January Jones tried very hard with this.

Not that we always love her taste, but January Jones does usually have a consistently edgy point of view. But the only attitude on display here is her implied boredom. There’s nothing fresh or fun about this at all — much like the Emmy telecast in general, actually. If the entire evening had a symbolic dress, this would be it: the appearance of frills, but a drab spirit. The hem looks so stodgy, like it’s a pair of old drapes the likes of which would make Fraulein Maria’s sewing finger twitch with ecstasy. The lack of attempt to style up the drab color with better makeup or creative accessories suggests that her team basically threw up its hands and hoped her genes would be enough for everyone. Indeed, in her interview with Ryan Seacrest, January basically said, “Well, Givenchy made it for me, so I wore it.” What a ringing endorsement. Can I assume they won’t be working together again?

[Photo: Getty]