First of all, I have something VERY IMPORTANT to say, and it is that Glenn Close’s face looks great:

For whatever reason, EVERY scene with her on Damages is filmed through Ye Olde Vaseline Filter, which of course made me assume that something was afoot at the Circle Face Corral.  But look at her! She looks fantastic! She does not need a Flattering Gauzy TV Filter! She can wear that face with pride all over town! PS: Glenn, I feel like your Dangerous Liaisons character is deeply misunderstood, and yes, I know that movie is really old, but I just had to get that off my chest. I think about it often, usually whilst removing my makeup at my dressing table in a rage.

Something else to get off my chest, and you may not like it. I’m SORRY.

Let’s just keep the focus on the neck upwards.