First: Emma Thompson is so precious to me. I treasure her. I am very much looking forward to Late Night, and to whatever that HBO series is where she’s yelling at people in the previews. Emma Thompson is welcome to yell at me! She has shown an ability to listen thoughtfully when people disagree with her even if they’re not famous.  She threatened to quit the remake of Brideshead Revisited when the producers tried to get Hayley Atwell to lose weight. I profoundly stan her for writing Sense and Sensibility, which is perfect, and then literally going and marrying Willoughby, who clearly still adores her, AS HE SHOULD. (Sorry, Greg Wise — you are literally always going to be Willoughby to me.)


Late Nightevent in association with The Guilty Feminist,Picturehouse Central, London, UK - 20 May 2019

This is truly an extreme hoot.

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