This post began as a look back at Emma Stone’s Met Gala appearances, in what was GOING to be anticipation of her arrival as the event’s co-chair, and then morphed into, “Shoot, well, let’s keep the Wayback Machine gassed up anyway.” She would have been joined by Nicolas Ghesquiere, currently atop the dreaded Louis Vuitton and thus Emma’s partner-in-style, so I expanded this to include a handful of Balenciaga looks from his tenure there (1997-2013) and then what he’s done with Louis Vuitton (2013-present). But I could not then rudely ignore the other cohosts, who are, drum roll, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Meryl Streep. Lin, apparently, hadn’t gotten sucked into the dog-and-pony show yet, but surprisingly, our photo sources offered us nothing of Meryl at a previous Met Gala either. Would this have been her first? A closet-load of Oscar nominations but no Met Galas? Surely that can’t be true, and yet it also doesn’t seem terribly surprising, as that’s not really her game. To make up for it, though, I tossed in a couple Gummers (her kids). And thus you have the recipe for this post, a bizarre but hopefully satisfying smorgasbord of a meal.

Ghesquiere’s tenure has yielded a lot of high-profile Louis Vuitton partnerships with celebrities, to the point where in 2018 and 2019 we lumped all the LV outfits together into their own slideshows. Those years in particular, he seemed to blow off the theme and just send people whatever gelled with his runway vision, and then something nicer and more chill for Michelle Williams. Since those galleries already exist, I’m going to embed them here; you just click on the first pic to take you inside.

Okay, now to the above slideshow! So many slideshows.

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