Before we talk about the outfit, my favorite part of this picture is the fact that the C in “A Quiet Place” appears to have tipped slightly akimbo, which is a very relatable thing to have go wrong at your event (and also in the scheme of things, a minor one). As for the outfit, I will be honest: I have started and stopped about a dozen different posts about it. Like how bright and light it feels compared with the taut thriller she’s promoting. But, that’s not an unusual thing to do on a red carpet, so — bye. Then I decided the beadwork reminded me of Christmas, and I started to write “Deck The Bod With Boughs of Holly,” but nothing useful rhymed, besides which it clearly isn’t holly and I figured I’d spent all day in the comments reassuring people that I know that. So, that one went. It’s a holiday placemat/tablecloth/Sandra Lee tablescape, except, wait, I still actually rather like the dress and there’s no need to invoke Semi-Homemade against something of which I’m fond. That left me with a blank space, and so here I am, explaining my failures of creativity (“Deck the bod with leaves and blossoms, tra la la la laaaa, la laaaa la laaaa. My garage once housed a possum, tra la la la laaaaaaa…”), and bringing it all down to this wildly exciting sentence: I like Emily’s dress, and her green shoes, and I hope there are no ocular shenanigans in this movie because I hear it’s pretty good and I might want to watch it through my fingers someday. The end. Some days, you just have to stop trying to make “golly” or “brolly” or “trolley” work in your strange Christmas carol parody andĀ give it up to the comments.

[Photo: WENN]