How can it be that Kim Kardshian may have the best lipstick game in town?

That is a gorgeous shade, perfect with her hair, and meticulously amazing with that Celia Kritharioti dress — which itself is lovely on her. She tried going glam last year and it ended up too costumey, so I think it’s stellar that she picked something simple and let her cleavage do the talking — just enough to keep a conversation but not so much that it feels like it’s wedged against a screen door. A hearty well done to you, Kimberly. May Kanye keep Givenchy’s talons off you for a while now.

Her sister Khloe also went red, which normally I would advise against on a night when one’s more famous sister is doing it too. But Khloe put her own spin on it:

Oh, Khloe. You are the Kardashian for whom I feel the most compassion, and you look very healthy and fit and that’s awesome. There is something appealingly vampy about this, even if the lipstick IS too much like you just went on a grape juice bender and the purse is all wrong. Mostly, though, you are fierce here, in a way that makes me suspect Lamar Odom, your sweet Lammykins, is going to see this and be very unhappy that you (allegedly) think he’s a skeeze. REVENGE.

[Photos: Getty]