This was at a Lost In Space event, and I can only assume this outfit is trying to be on-theme. You could argue this dress is, indeed, lost in space. In an existential way. It embarked on a quest to find itself but was soon ensnared in a Candide-like morass of syphilis, missing buttocks, sheep theft, canoes, and lascivious monkeys, and in the end it concludes, essentially, “Oh, screw it, let’s just tend the garden we have.” Then scholars will dissect it endlessly and ninth-grade English classes will be told it’s brilliant satire, but in the end all they’ll be thinking is, “No, but seriously, WTF was with those horny lady-biting monkeys?!?” That’s ultimately where I’ve landed with this, if you replace the words “horny lady-biting monkeys” with “every single creative decision made here.”

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]