It’s Pantsuits Ahoy for this portion of Dylan Penn’s press push forĀ Flag Day, a movie which I continue to be sad is not a big-budg Gary Marshall (RIP) mega-celeb-athon about seven beautiful vapids who can’t find their small town’s parade, but who eventually learn that the real flag day is the friends they make along the way. Instead, the reviews on this are mixed-to-bad, although her notices have been by and large very good, and she’s got Robin Wright’s face, so she’s got both of those things working for her. She and director Dad Sean Penn seem to have moved into the Small Screenings portion of their press tour, and I think deciding to go trouser-heavy for that was smart. She and her stylist are definitely aware that she’s going to be dogged by conversations about nepotism, and these suits come across as very Professional and Serious, which is exactly what’s right in this instance. Plus, the pink one manages to still be fun. Carry on!

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