Surprise! Meghan’s agenda was empty for the past few days of this royal tour and yet she kept doing things and attending so-called “private events,” AKA events at which the press pack is not in attendance, or which are not on her official itinerary. Every time she went out on an unannounced trip, the photos we got were not great (some were just Insta shots, I assume snapped by a member of their team), and so I kept thinking, “I’ll just include these in the post for the next official outing.” But we reached critical mass today — and got some full-length shots — so here we are! Full disclosure: I was diagnosed with shingles on Saturday so…my ability to turn out a good, quick post here might be impaired. I beg for your kindness and understanding, and also, if you are eligible get the shingles vaccine, DO IT. (It’s meant to be for people 50 and older; I am 44, so I wasn’t eligible. REGRETS.) Shingles is…real unpleasant. PSA CONCLUDED.

Anyway! Talk amongst yourselves! Hooray for red flats!

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