The fifth season of Downton Abbey premieres for those of us in the United States on this Sunday, January 4th, and I AM EXCITED. Let’s prepare by looking back at some of the notable ensembles of season four. As ever, I am UNSPOILED — despite occasionally seeing tweets from our British friends, which were generally along the lines of, “Oh, Edith,” and bemoaning Edith can hardly be a spoiler; it’s like saying the sun did in fact rise this morning — and I trust that those of you who HAVE seen it will be as lovely and considerate as you were last season, and not spoil those of us here in the US as to what we have in front of us. I know we all really appreciated that everyone was so cool about that last season — and, when I was re-reading those recaps to write this post, I realized how much it must have been killing some of you to hold your tongue about various plot developments (read: the pig farmer). So, as ever, thank you for being awesome.

That said, let’s strap on our boots and go push some people down the well. If you feel that you need a FULL refresher on what happened last season, all of our Season Four recaps await you here!